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Our PR, advertising and integrated marketing communication staffers are ready to flex their muscles in creating the highest quality of work for your business or organization. For each client, AdZou develops a fully integrated, research-based campaign to help solve a specific marketing or promotional challenge. Clients rave about our smart, innovative solutions and this win-win opportunity. Our staffers can’t wait to take on a real-world challenge and clients receive a top-notch campaign at a very affordable fee.

The Value of AdZou

We’re committed to providing you a quality campaign at a low cost and you’ll be astounded by the level of professionalism our staff members show and the comprehensiveness of our communication strategies. We’re here to make sure that your campaign meets and exceeds the expectations you would have when hiring a traditional advertising agency – but at a fraction of the cost. There’s no need to thank us, but… you’re welcome.

In case you’re curious, costs cover printing, conducting primary research, and developing collateral materials.  We don’t receive any earmarked funds from the University – fees go only to support student work.

To hire an AdZou team, the fee is $1500, or $1000 for non-profit/University groups. Many clients prefer to hire two, three, or more teams to get more diverse strategies. This is good for the student experience (they get verycompetitive) and clients get even more solutions they can implement right away. Clients also get discounts on the rate for hiring multiple teams.

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To hire an AdZou team, the cost is $1500, or $1000 for non-profit groups.

In addition, there are discounts for hiring multiple teams:

10% discount for 2 teams ($2700 for profit, $1800 non-profit)
15% discount for 3 teams ($3825 for profit, $2550 non-profit)
20% discount for 4 or more teams ($4800 for profit, $3200 non-profit)

With this plan, clients send a check made payable to the Missouri School of Journalism. Invoices are sent after the start of the semester. If this method is selected, checks should be sent to:
Kathy Sharp, School of Journalism
140 Walter Williams Hall, Columbia, MO 65211

A MO Code is required for on-campus clients. On-campus clients who are considered non-profits and $1000 per team in university funds will be transferred at the beginning of the semester from your MoCode to the Campaigns’ MoCode. All student expenses related to the campaigns will be handled by the Strategic Communication area’s coordinator.


If you have questions about payment, please contact AdZou.