Our Process

Research, Campaign Development & Planning, and Presentation

How It Works

AdZou staffers go through the same process that the most forward-thinking professional advertising, public relations, and marketing firms use when approaching a new project. The process begins with a meeting to introduce the client situation. Clients let us in on their goals for the campaign, and we get to work right away on making their dreams a reality. From there, staffers will check in with clients from time to time, but the ball is really in our court. We’ll work tirelessly to develop your campaign based on informed solutions that marry the right target with the right message at the right time.

Formative Research


Focus Groups
In-Depth Interviews

Planning & Campaign Development

Sample Tactics:

Digital/Social Media


Presentation Day Deliverables:

Formal Presentation
Q/A Session
Printed Campaign Books
Electronic Files of Creative Materials

Final Presentation

The project concludes with a formal presentation of our strategic communication plan for your business or organization. We’ll give you a comprehensive plan book that details every element of the marketing solutions we’ve developed just for you, and why we’re so sure they’ll be successful (remember all that research?). This plan book is yours to keep, and will serve as your road map for any future development of the campaign.